The Gamble - Belgaum Premier League - Jan-9 | - Article by Chaitanya Halgekar

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-The Gamble-  
-Belgaum Premier League - Jan-9 | 
Article by Chaitanya Halgekar

31 runs required from 18 balls. 4 wickets in hand. Two explosive batsmen at the crease. Prakash Nakadi is on 20 and Rahul Shinde on 19. Both playing well. Sairaj Yuvraj Warriors have more than a chance to chase the total of 135 put up by Anand’s Cricket Academy.

The next six balls are vital. The result depends on how these six balls go. This is the decisive over of the match. Ketaj Kolhapure, skipper of Anand’s Cricket Academy looks at his bowling resources. Three of his main bowlers have one over each left. ZashanAli Sayyed, Akshay Juvekar, and Parappa Morade are his options.

Zeeshan Ali Sayyed, the spinner has recorded some exceptional bowling figures so far. His low economy rate is his advantage. Plus the wicket is dying. Spinners are getting tremendous purchase. Sayyed looks like the man to bowl.

Akshay Juvekar, the medium pace bowler has expertise in bowling at the death overs. He is the alone bowler to take a hat-trick in this tournament. He comes in this match with two man of the match awards for the last two games. He cannot be overlooked for the big task.

Parappa Morade, left arm fast bowler. Huge experience but is known for erratic spells. Has gone wrong in middle of the over after bowling well at front on quite a few occasions. He is a pure gamble.

Ketaj kolhapure throws the ball to Parappa. These next 6 balls are pure gamble.

First ball to Rahul Shinde, on the stumps, no room. Defended by Shinde. No run. A dot ball.

Second ball. Parappa bowls wide but in the block-hole. Shinde gives a simple catch at covers.

Third ball. The batsmen takes a single.

Fourth ball. Prakash Nakadi swings his bat. Finds the fielder. Another catch. Another batsmen out.

Fifth ball. The new batsmen unable to cope up with Parappa’s pace. Dot ball.

Sixth ball. Played defensively. One run.

The equation now- 29 runs of 12 balls. 2 wickets left. The match is won in this over. The pure gamble works. Parappa gives just 2 runs and picks up 2 wickets. After receiving ‘man of the match’ award he says, “Captain showed faith in me. That’s all.”

For rest of us it was a pure gamble. For Ketaj Kolhapure and Parappa Morade it was a way of showing trust.


Today’s Result-

  1. 1.     Super Express Vijaya Vs Potdar Vijaya Cricket Academy- Potdar Vijaya Cricket Academy won by 07 wickets. MOM-  Amey Bhatkande.
  2. 2.     Anand’s C.A V/S SairajYuvraj Warriors- Anand’s C.A won by 11 runs.  MOM- Parappa Morade.