The Cruel Game - Belgaum Premier League - Jan-4 | - Article by Chaitanya Halgekar

by on 05/01/2015 - 07:53 pm

The cruel game -  Belgaum Premier League - Jan-4 | - Article by Chaitanya Halgekar


The cruel game

10 runs to win from 06 balls with two wickets in hand. The match between Potdar Vijaya Cricket Academy and Anand’s Cricket Academy gets closer than ever before. As Anand’s Cricket Academy is batting, the advantage is with them. Plus the momentum is also on their side.  Pressure felt not just on the ground but also in the dough-out and stands.

The most exciting and decisive 06 balls left in the game. Ravindra Rawat, the best bowler so far for Potdar vijaya is asked to bowl these six balls. And he does not disappoint his team. The first five balls are right on the target. Rawat concedes only four runs so far. Plus the wicket in the form of run out pumps confidence in Potdar Vijaya’s camp.

The equation now 06 runs from 01 ball and 01 wicket in hand. Batsman no. 10 Milind Belgavkar at the crease. After 39.5 overs in the game, Rawat is the hero for Potdar Vijaya. He has done everything right.

On the last ball, Milind Belgavkar, from nowhere hits a six over deep cover. Anand’s Cricket Academy won the match by 01 wicket. Milind Belgavkar is the hero of the match. All 11 players of Potdar Vijaya are thwarted. Rawat is seen nowhere. He is the villain now who conceded a six of the final ball to a no.10 batsman.

Was Ravindra Rawat unlucky to leak a six? Or was he stupid to give a six? We can go on and on scrutinizing the events. But that won’t change anything for Rawat. This is game. This is life.

Cricket is a cruel game. Atleast for Rawat it is.


Today’s Result-

  1. 1.     Potdar Viajaya Cricke Academy vs. Anand’s Cricket Academy.            Anand’s Cricket Academywon by 01 wickets.
  2. 2.     Union Gymkhana Vs Neena Sports Club- Neena Sports Club won by 06 wickets.