Belgaum Premier League - Jan 2 Match | Right man for right occasion - Article by Chaitanya Halgekar

by on 03/01/2015 - 03:50 pm

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Right man for right occasion

Today Sairaj Yuvraj Warriors for the first time in the tournament tasted a defeat. With three wins in three games they certainly were the favorites against Potdar Vijaya Cricket Academy. For most of the time, Warriors had the upper hand in the game. However, Potdar Vijaya scored points at the crucial moments and snatched a victory.

A lot of things went wrong for the Warriors today and these small things affected the result. One massive difference in today’s team and the team that won three consecutive matches was the fact that the earlier team had a man for every occasion. Today, it seemed like Warriors messed up with players and their roles.

In the last three games Dominick Fernandes lead the bowling attack at the death overs. His experience helped me to dominate the proceedings. Today, the one area where Warriors fell short was their death bowling. The reason pretty simple. Dominick was not playing today.

When asked if Dominick’s absence was the difference, Raju Patil, the Skipper said,”Nor really. It’s a team game. So an individual may not affect that much.”

However, many people watching the game did felt the absence of Dominick.  Yes, cricket is a team game but when you are playing in a big and long tournament individual performances do affect a lot.

Nitin Shirgurkar’s Belgaum Premier League is now entering its final stages and hence every game has become tremendously important. A single mistake can throw a team out of the tournament. The lesson every captain must learn from Warriors is to have the right team combination for the right occasions.


Today’s Result-

  1. 1.     Potdar Vijaya Cricket Academy Vs Sairaj Youraj Warriors- Potdar Vijaya Cricket Academy won by 38 runs.
  2. 2.     AK United Vs Anand’s Cricket Academy- Anand’s Cricket Academy won by 6 wickets. 
Article by : Chaitanya Halgekar.