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The Gamble - Belgaum Premier League -...

by on 10/01/2015 - 12:07 am

-The Gamble-  -Belgaum Premier League - Jan-9 | Article by Chaitanya Halgekar
31 runs required from 18 balls. 4 wickets in hand. Two explosive batsmen at the crease. Prakash Nakadi is on 20 and Rahul Shinde on 19. Both playing well. Sairaj Yuvraj Warriors have more than a chance to chase the total of 135 put up by Anand’s Cricket Academy.
The next six balls are vital. The result depends on how these six balls go. This is the decisive over of the match. Ketaj Kolhapure, skipper of Anand’s Cricket Academy looks at his bowling resources. Three of his main bowlers have one over each left. ZashanAli Sayyed, Akshay Juvekar, and Parappa Morade are his options.
Zeeshan Ali S ...

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The individual in a Team - Belgaum Pr...

by on 09/01/2015 - 10:45 am

-The individual in a Team -  -Belgaum Premier League - Jan-4 | Article by Chaitanya Halgekar
Vinayak Ghadi today scored 57 runs. The next best score from his team was 14. Total score of his team BCC Macche-106 runs. BCC Macche has lost all their six matches so far in Nitin Shirgurkar’s Belgaum Premier League. Vinayak Ghadi has smashed two fifties and one 30. He is their highest run scorer by a huge margin.
Many who have seen Vinayak Ghadi play, consider him a bit unlucky because his potential goes wasted as he plays from a poor side. BCC Macche sits at the bottom of the points table but the worst factor about the team is that except for Ghadi, no one has so far provided any ...

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The Cruel Game - Belgaum Premier Leag...

by on 05/01/2015 - 07:53 pm

The cruel game -  Belgaum Premier League - Jan-4 | - Article by Chaitanya Halgekar
The cruel game
10 runs to win from 06 balls with two wickets in hand. The match between Potdar Vijaya Cricket Academy and Anand’s Cricket Academy gets closer than ever before. As Anand’s Cricket Academy is batting, the advantage is with them. Plus the momentum is also on their side.  Pressure felt not just on the ground but also in the dough-out and stands.
The most exciting and decisive 06 balls left in the game. Ravindra Rawat, the best bowler so far for Potdar vijaya is asked to bowl these six balls. And he does not disappoint his team. The first five balls are right on the ...

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The Confidence Booster - Belgaum Prem...

by on 04/01/2015 - 11:49 am

The Confidence Booster -  Belgaum Premier League - Jan-3 | - Article by Chaitanya Halgekar

The Confidence Booster
BCC Macche had lost all their five matches of NitinShirgurkar’s Belgaum Premier League by a huge margin and nothing different was expected from them when they locked horns with Belgaum Sports Club.
With 29 runs on the board and top three batsmen back to in the pavilion it looked like same old story for Macche. But after that ShashankHiremath and Bharat Gadekar stitched an incredible partnership of 83 to pump the score to 129 in 20 overs. The counter attack by the duo allowed the team to gather 42 runs in the last three overs. 
     & ...

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Belgaum Premier League - Jan 2 Match ...

by on 03/01/2015 - 03:50 pm

Chaitanya Halgekar is reporting every BPL match details in a very descriptive way.
Right man for right occasion
Today Sairaj Yuvraj Warriors for the first time in the tournament tasted a defeat. With three wins in three games they certainly were the favorites against Potdar Vijaya Cricket Academy. For most of the time, Warriors had the upper hand in the game. However, Potdar Vijaya scored points at the crucial moments and snatched a victory.
A lot of things went wrong for the Warriors today and these small things affected the result. One massive difference in today’s team and the team that won three consecutive matches was the fact that the earlier team had a man for every occasion. ...

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Reading the 22 Yards - Nitin Shirgurk...

by on 02/01/2015 - 04:27 pm

Reading the 22 yards
All the 11 batsmen of BCC Macche scored 105 runs in 116 balls.
8 batsmen of AK United collectively managed to score 110 runs of 83 balls.
9 batsmen of Super Express Vijaya scored 72 runs in 90 balls.
On the same day and same pitch Rohan Kadam of Belgaum Sports Club alone scored 100 runs of 45 balls.
However, these figures do not fully reflect the kind of impact Kadam had on the game. When he walked at the crease, the match between Super Express Vijaya and Belgaum Sports Club was evenly poised with Belgaum Sports Club restricted at 30 for 2 in 4 overs. Advantage with the fielding side. When Kadam departed in the 14th over the score had reached 158 and Belgaum Sports ...

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