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Important health tips for everyone


Occasionally fumigate the house – every room – with fragrant incense (lobaan), and close the doors for a while.

* Don’t eat to full satiation. This will save you from many sicknesses.

* Eat less during the spring season.

* Pregnant women should abstain from eating carrots.

* Pregnant women should never eat beans

* Beans cause distressful dreams. (This does not mean that it is necessary to totally abstain 
   from eating 
beans.  Ex- cessive indulgence in anything is harmful).

* Excessive consumption of sour things weakens the mus- cles and hastens old age. Fe- males
   should exercise
extra caution and never eat sour things during pregnancy.

* Do not eat sour things with milk.

* Never eat fish and milk together. This combination can cause paralysis and leprosy.

* Do not drink water after eating oily foods.

* Don’t drink water after eating fruit.

* Drinking cold water with hot food,
   causes considerable damage to the teeth.

* Don’t sleep immediately after eating. There should be a minimum interval of two hours.

* Don’t drink water immediately after waking up from sleep. If overcome with thirst, close the
   nose then drink 
the water, and drink slowly. After drinking, keep the nose closed for a few

* Don’t drink water after a strenuous walk or exercise. It is very harmful.

* After relieving yourself in the toilet, don’t immediately drink water.

* Ice is harmful for the kidneys.

* Don’t resort to medicine in minor illnesses. Overcome such illness by means of cor-rect
   eating, drinking, 
walking and fresh air.

* Regardless of how serious a sickness may be, never panic. Panic adversely affects

* Sleeping on a full stomach can lead to deafness. Never sleep before two hours after meals.

* Don’t bite something hard. It harms both the teeth and the eyes.

* Biting ice is harmful.

* Pay special attention to the health of the stomach. Do not eat unless you are hungry. Do
   not fill the stomach 
to eliminate all vestiges of hunger.

* Don’t eat fruit on a full stomach nor on an empty stomach. Consume fruit when the stomach
   is neither empty 
nor full.

* Excess of oily foods weakens the stomach.

* As far as possible abstain from laxatives. Without the opinion of a physician (hakeem) never
   take laxatives.