Food Myths

by on 12/02/2013 - 07:21 am

Some wishful thinking, outdated science and old grandma’s tales are all the reasons why certain food myths are created. They are accepted easily, as they have been introduced to us by our elders. However, its high time you take a look at the correct information that you were still not aware of.

Myth# 1 -The Vitamin content of the vegetables is lost after cooking.

That is not correct! By cooking your food, your body is able to absorb the nutrients better. The only error you make is when you over boil the vegetables.
Myth# 2 – Coffee helps to lose weight.

Coffee will temporarily help you suppress your hunger. Too much of coffee will only lead to anxiety, insomnia, high blood pressure and a higher heart rate

Myth # 3- Pregnant women should not have papayas.

Papaya contains some exceptional nutrients and vitamins that a pregnant woman should feast upon to deliver a healthy baby.

Myth #4- Apple’s skin does not contain any nutrient.

The skin of an apple has more concentration of antioxidants than its insides.

Myth#5 –Eating post 7pm makes you fat.

It is not what you eat makes you fat, but the amount of calories that you consume does. The solution to this is, to just refrain from unhealthy snacking .

Myth #6- Having fish immediately after drinking milk will result in you getting white spots on your face.

There is really no scientific reason regarding this. In fact, there are many recipes that are made using this combination.

Myth#7- During work, a cup of coffee or tea will give you an instant kick.

These beverages only leads to a high level of blood sugar. As the sugar passes through your blood stream, your pancreas produce insulin. Insulin is excessively produced when the pancreas want to get rid of the high amount of sugar present in the blood stream. This leads to fatigue which is quiet contrary to what you actually wanted. Depletion of sugar levels will only result in faulty metabolic conditions.

So how many myths are still a part of your diet?