Rebuked for PUBG gaming addiction, Belagavi youth kills father


Published: 10/09/2019



Raghuveer Kumbar, 21, an unemployed diploma-holder who was addicted to mobile games, killed his father who objected to his gaming.

Raghuveer chopped off the head and the left leg of Shekarappa Revappa Kumbar, 61, in Kakati village early on Monday.

Shekarappa, who retired as an office staff from the police department four months ago, had advised his son against mobile game addiction several times. 

On Sunday, Shekarappa scolded the youth after he found him immersed in games for hours. This irritated Raghuveer who went out and threw stones at his neighbour's glass windows. 

The neighbours called the police who summoned Raghuveer and his father to the Kakati police station. Shekarappa told the police that his son was addicted to games such as PUBG and Final Combat. The police officer let them go after counselling the youth for nearly an hour.

But even after reaching home, the youth began playing games on his phone and continued till midnight.

Shekarappa shouted at his son and asked him to go to sleep. Raghuveer woke up at 5 a.m. and attacked his father in his sleep, after locking his mother’s room from outside. The victim’s cries awakened the mother who raised an alarm. A neighbour woke up and called the police. By the time the police arrived, the accused had cut off the victim’s leg.

Raghuveer told the police that he was very angry with his father who scolded him for his gaming.

A team of officers led by Shreeshail Koujalagi visited the spot. A case is being registered in the Kakati police station.