Khade Bazar is costliest residential area in Belagavi


Published: 08/01/2019



Khade Bazar is the costliest residential area in the city as per the revised guidance value for properties announced by the government. The guidance value is applicable from January 1.

According to revised guidance value, value of residential land in this area is Rs 97,200 per square meter (sqmt), the highest in city. Khade Bazar is one of the top commercial streets in the city. Khade Bazar is followed by Kirloskar Road (Rs 85,600 per sq mt), Ramdev Galli (Rs 83,500 per sq mt), Maruti Galli (Rs 82,500 per sqmt) and Kadolkar Galli (Rs 80,000 per sqmt).

The residential land costs attached to other busy commercial streets in the city are as following (among for per sq mt)- College Road (Rs 72,000), Bogarves (Rs 75,800), Ganapati Galli (Rs 65,000), Club Road (Rs 56,000) and Samadevi Galli (Rs 57,600).

The revised guidance value of the land in some posh residential areas is as following (among for per sq mt)- Hanuman Nagar (Rs 19,800), Jadhav Nagar (Rs 22,700), Shivbasav Nagar (Rs 21,100), Mahantesh Nagar (Rs 15,500), Nehru Nagar (Rs 23,200), Sadashiv Nagar (Rs 19,000), Ramtirth Nagar (Rs 13,900), Vaibhav Nagar (Rs 18,700), Hindwadi (Rs 28,200), Vadagaon (Rs 15,000), Majagaon (Rs 13,100) and Bhagya Nagar and Channamma Nagar (Rs 17,200).

The revised guidance value has been increased by 10 to 100 percent due to development works being taken up in the city under the Smart City Project and Rs 100 crore CM’s special grants. The works include smart roads, underground cabling, high-tech bus shelters, sports complexes, community halls and swimming pools.