Increased inflow into Belagavi dams triggers fears of floods


Published: 30/06/2019



The inflow into the reservoirs and barrages over the Krishna in Belagavi has suddenly increased following heavy rains in the catchment area of the river in western Maharashtra,, sparking fears of floods.

Officials also believe that the collapse of mud barriers at the base of the Rajapur dam has added to the flow.

According to Karnataka irrigation officials, Maharashtra has opened all the 64 crest gates of the dam, but haven’t intimated the quantum of release.

Farmers have expressed fears of floods. “If the release is unreasonably high, we are going to suffer,” said Sidagouda Motagi, Karnataka Rajya Raitha Sangha leader.

However, officials say there is no need to be alarmed. “It is true that we don’t know how much water has been released. Since it is not a measured release, they have no idea of the amount of water flowing out. However, the threat is not high as releases from Rajapur are easily channelled into the canals below the Hippargi reservoir. Water will flow for around 70 km before entering Bagalkot. After flowing through some villages, it will be impounded at the Almatti dam,” an irrigation officer said.