Ganesha this year will be made from Special Soil and not POP | Khanapur Artists get a Boost


Published: 07/07/2017



The ban on plaster of Paris Ganesha idols seems to have helped the artists in Khanapur taluk.
Most of the eco-friendly Ganesha idols are made in villages in the taluk where Shadu, the soil convenient for the purpose, is available in abundance.

Currently, nearly 300 artists of the taluk, under the banner of Khanapur Taluk Shadu Ganapathi Murthikar Sangh, have brought in price uniformity. The price is fixed based on the size and style.
In the villages like Gurlagunji, Nagaragali and Nandagad, artists are completely engaged in idol making. Vishnu Patil, an artist, said that eco-friendly idol makers are getting their due once again. "Last year, I sold 200 idols. This year, it could go beyond 400. This year, I have got orders from Goa also. The price is fixed based on the size. It is between Rs 1,200 and Rs 5,000. I am not preparing huge Ganesha idols and the idols here are sold for domestic installation," he stated.
Jyothibha Kumbhar, president, Shadu Murhikar Sangh, said that Khanapur is known for pottery and eco-friendly idols because the soil used in the process gives an edge to artisan to showcase their artistic skills. According to him, nearly 2,000 Ganesha idols are sold from Khanapur taluk alone.
The ban on PoP Ganesha idols could not implemented last year as the idols were already prepared before the order was issued. This time, the administration issued the order well before artists started their preparation. Belagavi-based artists protested the ban, but in vain.

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Source :TOI