Belgaum | Police trace parents who tried to bury baby alive | Story turns out to be different


Published: 29/06/2018



The police have traced the parents of the two-month-old baby, who was almost buried alive in Belagavi on Monday. The baby, meanwhile, died in the district hospital on Thursday.

According to the police, Sandeep Jadar and his wife Geeta tried to bury their daughter after presuming that she was dead. Mr. Jadar works as an assistant in a cloth store in the old city and struggles to make ends meet. His wife is a home-maker.

The baby was suffering from liver laceration owing to injuries in the abdomen either during delivery or later. This had led to the child suffering from breathlessness and even losing consciousness several times a day.

On Monday, the baby suffered from breathlessness and fell unconscious. The parents took the baby to a private hospital where the doctors put her on ventilator, but they told the couple that the treatment could cost lakhs of rupees. When the couple asked the hospital to discharge the baby, the doctors said she would die within minutes of being removed from the ventilator. The Jadar couple, who were unable to pay the huge amount, got the baby discharged and came out of the hospital. Within minutes, the baby lost consciousness. They believed that she had died and took a taxi to the burial ground in Shahpur.

At the burial ground, the watchman Rajesh Bans noticed the baby shaking her legs for a moment and asked the couple to take the baby to a doctor. The couple did not believe him and insisted on the burial. Vijay Sawant, member of the Mukti Dham Seva Mandal, which runs the burial ground, forced them to leave the burial ground and complained to the police.

Mr. Jadar took the baby to the district hospital where she was treated for two days. However, she died on Thursday afternoon and was buried in the same burial ground in the evening.

The police checked CCTV footage and inquired with taxi drivers and hospitals and found the couple, Police Commissioner D.C. Rajappa said.

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