Belgaum | Last Week's 3.1 Crore Demonetised Currency seizure brings up new angles


Published: 17/07/2017



Investigation into the currency conversion racket in Belagavi has thrown up some interesting revelations.

Last week, city crime branch police arrested five persons and seized Rs. 3.1 crore from them. Though they thought that it was an open-and-shut case, it turned out to be different.

First, a team that followed Anil Patel, who they thought was the kingpin of the racket, ended up finding nothing in his house or office that could connect him to the crime.

“At the most, he could be considered a victim of the crime. But then, he is bound to face legal action too,” a senior officer. Then the interrogation revealed that a woman, hitherto unknown, was the main culprit.

She had promised the arrested that she could get old currency converted turned into new currency as she had friends in high places in the RBI and other banks.

She asked them to bring as many as old currency notes and assured to convert them.

The police team got a clue when they observed that that the accused were referring to a madam repeatedly, in their conversations.

A team led by the Deputy Commissioner of police then traced the background of this woman. A special team was sent to towns in Maharashtra and Gujarat. “We have definite clues about the six accused. We will apprehend her soon, with enough evidence,” another officer involved with the investigation said.

Another finding was that of the Rs. 3.1 crore seized, around Rs. 4 lakh was fake currency. This was found out when bankers, summoned to the city crime branch to count the notes identified them.

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