Belgaum | Largest National Flag brought down post damage due to weather


Published: 04/04/2018



The largest National Flag of the country, which was found partially damaged on the 22nd day after being hoisted due to weather, was brought down on Tuesday. It was hoisted at Kote Kere (fort lake) in Belagavi on March 12.

The 96,00-square foot flag which was fluttering on a 365-foot high mast was spotted damaged by a few people who informed the authorities. A team of officials visited the spot and brought the flag down. It took them about an hour to bring down the flag by means of electro mechanical operation. However, the team was unable to carry the 500-kg flag along with them and left it covered in plastic beside the flag mast till late evening. Surprisingly, the officials did not hoist another flag, though they claim that five flags have been kept in reserve.

The huge flag, which is made of Deneir Polistar cloth, was expected to sustain all the weathers and winds. Due to its damage within a month of its hoisting, several people including officials were upset.
The largest flag of the country was hoisted by District In-charge Minister Ramesh Jarkiholi on March 12. The size of the flag is 120 ft x 80 ft and the material used for the flag is Denier Polyester Belagavi North MLA Feroz Sait, whose initiative has brought the tallest flag dream of Belagavi to reality, had said the weight of the flag is 500 kg. The flag was hoisted through an electro mechanical operating system.

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Source : TNIE