Belgaum | ‘Eyewatch Police’ - Belagavi police launch app for citizens’ safety


Published: 01/01/2016



City Police Commissioner S. Ravi has advised the people to use ‘Eyewatch Police’ app as an efficient mode of communication in emergency situations.

At a function here on Thursday, he said the app-enabled smartphone users to trigger alerts and communicate emergency information using SMS, e-mails and voice calls to the police control room and the user’s call guardians.

It can send information on the location of the user (latitude, longitude, street address etc.) and an audio recording before activating the alert; capture video stream automatically; and periodically track the location after activating the alert.

“The entire alert data is sent and stored in a secure Amazon cloud-based server. Call guardians could access and view the alert data as well on the app’s website,” Mr. Ravi said.

The system works inside buildings and moving vehicles.

It uses one-touch alert to notify the police and the users’ call guardians via SMS and e-mail. It also informs the users’ preset contacts with their location to confirm their safety.

Belagavi city police launch ‘Eyewatch Police’

application for citizens’ safety

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