Belgaum | ​​Congress will retain pow​​er in Karnataka: youth leader Jyothiraradya Madavarao Scindia


Published: 04/05/2018



Congress star campaigner and youth leader Jyothiraradya Madavarao Scindia on Thursday claimed that Congress will retain power in Karnataka after May 12 election to the Legislative Assembly.

Speaking to media persons at Sambra Airport here, he said that during Congress rule the State has achieved all round development like upliftment of the weaker sections of the society, welfare programes launched for farmers and steps taken on the issues of health, education and employment are appreciable.
“These all factors will help Congress in this election”, under the leadership of Chief Minister Siddaramaiah.
When asked about Prime Minister Narendra Modi praising former Prime Minister yesterday, he said that Mr Modi is an opportunistic leader and changes his colour very often.

Referring to election surveys, Mr Scindia said he doesn’t believe in them

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Source : UNUNDIA