Belagavi’s unique tradition has kids building miniature forts


Published: 13/10/2017



In a bid to double the joy of the holidays, children in Belagavi are busy making models of forts. Why, you ask? Well, this is a long-lasting tradition in the region and has come to become an important part of kids' activities during Diwali celebrations each year

It is not known exactly when this tradition began, but it has been followed religiously over the decades. And parents in the city are not complaining. If you speak to them, they will tell you that they are thankful to this culture. In today's world, when kids are mostly confided indoors and prefer to play on their gadgets, building these miniature forts gives them a chance to get their hands dirty and create something by themselves, with the help of their friends. In the process, they learn many lessons, such as the importance of teamwork and the need to uphold traditions.

Since school holidays are on, children across the city are currently actively involved in building these miniature forts. And they have a wide range of forts to pick from, such as Raigad, Shivneri, Pratapgad, Vishalgad, Rajhans Gad, Belagavi Fort, Sindhudurg Fort and the many forts of the Sahyadri Ghat region. In teams of 5-10, boys and girls first choose a location at the premises of any one of their residences, and then distribute the work among them. This involves bringing soil, clay tiles, cement, discarded gunny bags, cardboard, stones, water and idols of soldiers and kings. After this, they work together to create the forts.
Having recognized the importance of such an activity, several social organizations now routinely organize workshops and competitions, at which the best forts are awarded. During these competitions, children are also asked questions about the fort that they have built, so an added advantage is that they learn a bit of history.

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Source :TOI