Belagavi-Yeshwantpur special train | Railways issued Tickets and forgot to attach additional coach


Published: 05/10/2017



Passengers pay additional fares for festival special trains to reach their destinations. To facilitate passengers' requirements, South Western Railways runs special trains during the festival season. However, it forgets to attach coaches, for which it issues tickets. About a dozen passengers, who were allotted a berth in coach number SX-1 for the Belagavi-Yeshwantpur special fare train, and went to board the train in Belagavi on Monday evening, were shocked to find out that their coach was absent.

Siddeshwar Sonar, a techie from Bengaluru, said the train was scheduled to depart Belagavi at 7.15 pm, and he arrived at the station by 6.45 pm. "I started searching for my coach SX-1, which was mentioned in an SMS sent by the railways. I walked through coaches S-1 to S-18 and SL-1 and SL-2, but could not find any coach called SX-1. When I enquired about the same, a railway staff member, who was switching on lights in S-1, said there is no coach called SX-1, and that his coach must be S-1. Believing what he said, I went to seat number 29 assigned to me, which was occupied by another passenger, who showed his ticket and claimed his seat. I met 3 TTEs who came to check tickets, and they were surprised to know that the coach was not attached to the train. They called their superiors over phone, and learnt that coach SX-1 will be attached to the train in Hubballi," he said.
Two girls, whose coach was not attached to the train, said they were instructed by TTEs to sit in coach S-18 till Hubballi, which is a 4-hour journey. "We had to request passengers on coach number S-18 to make room for us to sit. We felt like thieves. Lights went off in the coach by 8.30 pm. It was horrible to travel in the darkness, while the train was moving in the ghats section. There was no TTE, security personnel or any railway staff to ensure our safety," they added.
Passenger Abhi Badiger said the train arrived in Hubballi by 10.40 pm. "We booked our ticket from Belagavi, but were not intimated that our coach will be attached in Hubballi. It was very difficult for women, children and aged passengers to sit in a dark coach for 4 hours. We later realized that there was no escorting staff, as it was a special train. The railways is just worried about its revenue. It forgot its duty to attach a coach to the train," he said.
"We enquired about a coach not being attached to the train, with the senior divisional commercial manager of the Hubballi division. Considering the heavy waiting list, our officials decided to attach an extra coach on Monday. However, due to operational problems, we could not send the coach to Belagavi. Informing passengers specifically, is also not possible, as the railway server is not under SWR control. We will enquire about the issue of lights going off in the S-18 coach of the train," said E Vijaya, chief public relations officer, SWR, Hubbali.

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Source :TOI