Belagavi | Voters face difficulty in registering themselves


Published: 31/03/2018



Some first-time voters and others, who have shifted to the city, are facing difficulties in registering as voters owing to a technical glitch in the Belagavi city corporation’s website.

Over 1.31 lakh aspiring voters had submitted documents for the process.

Lathika Jagtap, a resident of Bhagya Nagar, complained that she had submitted documents in January, but her name had not been added to the list.

Abhishek Kishore, an engineering student, has a similar experience.

“Six of us had submitted our applications. But we can’t find our names in the list,” he said.

Officers at the Deputy Commissioner’s office said the fault was with the CCB website.

“The computers could not collate data uploaded by the staff in the booths. There was some mistake in the web application used for the website. This was detected only recently. It is being rectified,” said an engineer.

CCB officials say nearly 85% of the names registered had been fed into the Election Commission’s servers.

“Identity cards have been generated for all these voters and the pending applications shall be processed soon,” an official said.

The deadline for receiving applications is April 17, 10 days before the last date of nominations.

“We hope to process those applications and issue EPIC cards for even those received on the last day,” the officer said.

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