Belagavi gets ready for its 100th Shiv Jayanti procession


Published: 08/05/2019



The city is spruced-up for a grand Chhatrapati Shivaji Jayanti on Wednesday. It’s the 100th year of the celebrations which began in the pre-independence era in 1919.
The Shiv Jayanti procession takes place for 14 to 18 hours. Police have banned the entry of all heavy vehicles into the city from 2pm on Wednesday to 10am on Thursday 10am. Traffic has also been diverted on most main roads.
Over one lakh people will gather to witness the grand procession which starts from Nargundkar Bhave Chowk and concludes near Kapileshwar temple in Shahapur. Hundreds of decorated tableaux, live skits recalling the historical incidents in the life of Shivaji, dhol tasha and zanz pathak playing groups will be attractions in the procession.

Naraveer Dhol Pathak, a group of 352 youths, will attempt to set a record by participating with 101 dhol tashas and 251 saffron flags in the procession. Many other such groups will be participating in the procession with great zeal. The exhibition of skills like lathi fighting, sword fight, fireball string and lazim dance will also be part of the procession.
The procession will begin at Nargundakar Bhave Chowk at 2pm on Wednesday and conclude at Kapileshwar Temple the next day.