Belagavi Airman returns to duty four days after marriage


Published: 02/03/2019



 Residents of Malikawad village in Chikkodi taluk, Belagavi district gave a fond farewell to Rajendra Sutar, an Airman in the Indian Air Force , on Thursday when he returned to duty four days after he got married. Malikawad is known as the ‘village of soldiers’ as many of its youths serve in the armed forces. Sutar got married to Madhuri on February 28 and had taken a month’s leave for the wedding . On Thursday, his leave was cancelled following the developments in Jammu & Kashmir. Hundreds of villagers, including family members, blessed Rajendra when returned to duty His wife and mother Sunita offered ‘arati’ and applied ‘tilak’ on his forehead. His father Shrikant Sutar is a retired army soldier. He said, “Protection of our motherland should be the top priority. We’re proud to send our son for this duty.” Rajendra’s mother Sunita said, “My husband served the country for 28 years and I know the importance of commitment to the country. My son got married a few days but now his country needs him more. We’ve sent him happily to serve the motherland.”