Belagavi - Yesvantpur Tatkal Special Train trains for Sankranti Festival


Published: 08/01/2018



Railways has decided to run a Yesvantpur - Belagavi - Yesvantpur Tatkal Special (06581/06582) to clear extra rush of passengers on Sankranti.

The Yesvantpur - Belagavi Tatkal Special departs from Yesvantpur at 8.15 pm on January 12, 2018 (Friday) and reaches Belagavi at 8.10 am the next day (Saturday). It arrives/departs at Davangere at 2.20 am/2.22 am, Harihar at 2.43/2.45 am, Haveri at 3.50/ 3.52 am, Hubballi at 5/5.15 am, Dharwad at 5.50/5.52 am, Londa at 7.06/7.08 am.

The Belagavi - Yesvantpur Tatkal Special (06582) departs Belagavi at 7.10 am on January 15 (Monday) and reaches Yesvantpur at 6.20 am the next day. It arrives/departs Harihar at 00:18/00:20 am., Davangere at 00:28/00:30 am, Birur at 02:18/02.20 am,  Arsikere at 02:55/03:00 am and Tumakuru at 04:43/04:45 am.
The Belagavi -Yesvantpur Suvidha special departs from Belagavi at 5.15 pm on January 28 (Sunday) and reaches Yesvantpur at 5 am the next day. On Monday, it arrives/departs Birur at 12.33/12.35 am, Arisikere at 1.45/1.50 am and Tumkuru at 3.43 am/3.45 am.

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Source : TNIE