A Belagavi Family donated Body & Skin of their deceased Family member to KLE's Homeopathic Hospital


Published: 08/11/2018

by www.belggaumonline.com


The family members of Sharadha Chandrashekhar Sabarad, 95, a home-maker from Hindalaga in Belagavi, have donated her body and skin.

Her son Rajendra Sabarad, retired vice-principal of RLS College, Belagavi, donated the body to KAHER’s KLE Homeopathic Medical College and skin to KLES Rotary Skin Bank. The donations were facilitated through the Bailhongal-based Dr. Ramannavar Charitable Trust.

This is the first body donation to the Homeopathic Medical College and second skin donation to the skin bank, according to Mahantesh Ramannanavar, founder of the trust. “Skin donations are a new phenomenon. Such donations from willing families will encourage others to come forward to donate,” he said. Details can be collected from the foundation (9242496497).